Sunday, February 7, 2010

Roots of WCC, the Modern Missionary Movement, and the Link to Freemasonry

The 1910 World Missionary Conference, also known as the Edinburgh Missionary Conference, was held June 14 to 23, 1910. It has been seen as both the culmination of 19th century Protestant Christian missions and the formal beginning of the modern Christian ecumenical movement.

Chairing the proceedings of the conference was American John R. Mott, who was a long-serving leader of the interdenominational YMCA and the World Student Christian Federation (WSCF).  

Background on John Mott:
Mott, a Freemason and revered by many, was the link to Cam Townsend's modernism and Rockefeller. Years earlier, Mott attended the Mt. Hermon Conference in 1886 where the Student Volunteer Movement (SVM) was born. He became college secretary of the YMCA in 1888 and that same year, he helped organize the Student Volunteer Movement for Foreign Missions (SVM), a branch of the YMCA and YWCA. He served as SVM chairman for over 30 years, simultaneously providing able leadership for "... a highly evangelistic YMCA and World's Student Christian Federation." (Source)

"The World Missionary Conference in Edinburgh in 1910 was a precursor to the International Missionary Council (1921) and the World Council of Churches [WCC] (1948). The World Student Christian Federation, WSCF 4, is a global federation of National ecumenical student movements.

"Mott believed that it is only by changing students in all parts of the world that the world could be changed. He was of the opinion that when students come together, they not only find ways to respond to issues, but discover their needs and hopes. Such reflections lead them to challenge some of the fundamental assumptions of the society, the church, the university and the educational system of which they are part. The emphasis is not on trying to challenge people but that the structures and systems that produce misery and division..." (Source)
The point: It is evident that there is a blending of Freemasonry, and its philosophy, with Christian mission efforts and church growth. Freemasonry, while claiming not to be a religion itself, nevertheless demands a specific religious philosophy of its adherents. Considering Freemasonry's roots in the Kaballa, it is not surprising that it opposes Christianity. The writings of Masonry's highest authorities clearly show that it actually is antagonistic to Christianity, to the point that Masons are not supposed to mention the name of Jesus in the Lodge.

“Masons are obliged to that religion in which all men agree, leaving their particular opinions to themselves; that is to be good men and true, or men of honour and honesty, by whatever denominations or persuasions they may be distinguished; whereby Masonry becomes the centre of union, and the means of consolidating true friendship among persons that have remained at a perpetual distance. The religion we the best that ever was, or will or can be..., for it is the law of Nature, which is the law of God, for God is Nature. It is to love God above all things, and our neighbour as our self; this is the true, primitive, catholic and universal religion agreed to be so in all times and ages.” (Source)
Mott was awarded the 1946 Nobel prize for peace and served as the first honorary president of the World Council of Churches.

 So you see, ecumenical friendships are unified with true believers, and the latter consequent is the liquidation of the born again Church.

The Presidents of the World Council of Churches:
  • Archbishop DrAnastasiosof Tirana and All Albania, Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania
  • Mr John Taroanui Doom, Maohi Protestant Church (French Polynesia)
  • Rev. Dr Simon Dossou, Methodist Church in Benin 
  • Rev. Dr Soritua Nababan, Protestant Christian Batak Church (Indonesia)
  • Rev. Dr Ofelia Ortega, Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba
  • Patriarch Abune Paulos, Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church 
  • Rev. Dr Bernice Powell Jackson, United Church of Christ (USA)
  • Dr Mary Tanner, Church of England
The symbol for the Archbishop is a symbol we have seen on the blog before:
Whoever aligns themselves with this organization has an alliance with evil!