Saturday, February 27, 2010

The New Age Movement and Their Space Brotherhood

Found on the Share International webpage, there are questions answered by Benjamin Creme concerning UFOs and alien activity (in actuality they are demons). Do you recall when I said David Icke, a conspiracy researcher, believes aliens are living on Earth in the form of morphing Reptilians? Creme seems to believe there is a Space Brotherhood living among us who have that morphing ability. (You should know that Icke is a New Ager.)

In his words:
Q. How many Space Brothers live among us at this time? How do they manifest? Are they born into a family as a baby or come as an adult?
A. My information is that they number around 2,000. They are all over the world in very many countries. Some visit this planet on a temporary basis and come for a few hours, a few days or a week or two. Others take up long-term residence and come in different ways. They might come as a fully-grown adult. They might take incarnation through a family and grow up as a child.

Adamski was a grown man before he realized that he was not ordinary. There is an interesting book by Desmond Leslie called The Amazing Mr Lutterworth*. It is out of print, but I think it is possible to get hold of second-hand copies.

The book is really about Adamski. Lutterworth is a Venusian, but he is in an Earth body. At age four something strange happens to him. He is taken from his family for a very short time, and then brought back, and is never the same again. This actually happened to Adamski.

Desmond Leslie, who knew Adamski very well, revealed that Adamski had, instead of a navel, a half-inch deep star, actually a circle with brilliant lights radiating from it like a star — Venus. This, of course, you could not tell until he raised his shirt, but he did show it to Leslie.

Adamski was born in Poland, and came to America as a child. His parents were Polish immigrants. He grew up in the USA, lived a long time on Mount Palomar in California, and eventually died in the USA.

The book makes very interesting reading. It tells the story of someone who has a growing awareness of what most people are not aware of — other people’s thoughts, for instance. He is invaded by all the thoughts of those around him. Sitting on a bus, he could tell what the people around him were feeling and thinking, and he is appalled by it. It is terrifying, but gradually he gets it all under control. The book is fiction but based on what Adamski told Desmond Leslie of his own personal experience.

Q. What is the reason for people from other planets to incarnate on this planet?
A. Because they can do their work more cogently and intelligently over a period of time by taking a physical Earth body than they could just by temporarily lowering the vibration of their own body. For that period of time they become part of Earth.

There are several ways this happens. They can become Earth-like and ‘fall’, as it is called, make a spiritual fall from a higher state to a lower state. They might fall from Venus or Mars or some other planet to Earth and take up residence on the Earth as an ordinary person.

Many people have done this, usually very advanced people like Leonardo da Vinci, Shakespeare, Bach and Beethoven. Maria Callas was a modern example. Various people at that sort of level have incarnated on Earth, ‘fallen’ to Earth, and become Earth-like, and they then go through the evolutionary process.

Q. How would you recognize a Space Brother if you saw or met one?
A. You would not necessarily recognize him at all unless he wanted to make himself known to you or he wanted you to recognize him. If he were an undisclosed worker for the Space Brothers, he would just appear as an ordinary man to you. You could not tell him apart as being or not being from another planet.

Q. Was President Kennedy aware that the person advising him was from Venus? Was Adamski involved?
A. President Kennedy was not aware of the Space Brothers per se, nor was he aware of the source of information. But he was aware of certain individuals in the diplomatic corps of America who were agents of the Space Brothers. He thought highly of their advice and information, and acted on it. It was always given through that agency in the diplomatic service. Adamski himself was not actively involved.

Likewise, President George W. Bush, when he was in office, was informed by such an agent in the diplomatic service that there would be an attack on America – the White House, the Pentagon and major buildings – which came to pass on 9/11. The government was warned three months in advance of this event and did nothing about it. That is the extraordinary thing, the difference between Presidents Kennedy and Bush. Bush was advised not to react to the events of 9/11. Of course, the first thing he did was to react immediately in the wrong way. He discoloured his eight years of office by invading Afghanistan and Iraq, and he turned America from a reasonably open democratic society to a near fascist state.

Q. Are the Space Brothers still in touch with various leaders around the world, and do the leaders of the world know about the Space Brothers openly and quite explicitly?
A. There are leaders around the world who believe in this phenomenon, and do not know why the leading countries like America, Russia and the European nations do not ‘come clean’. They do not want to do it themselves because they do not want to be out of step. But they think it is perfectly believable that the UFOs are from some place, not necessarily Mars or Venus, but some place outside our solar system. None of the UFOs in fact come from outside our solar system. They come from the planets of our own system. These leaders may not know that, but they do believe in the existence of UFOs and in some cases would like to make it known. The South American countries, especially Brazil, have suggested that the truth should be made known, but nothing has come of it.

Q. Are there any Space Brothers working in the United Nations or in any governments?
A. In the United Nations, certainly, yes. In any governments? Yes, in some governments – not as many as you might think. Not in positions of power, but usually in advisory positions, in the diplomatic corps of various countries, for example.

For more info on how the Space Brotherhood is dealing with nuclear energy waste and their adventures on Earth.