Saturday, January 30, 2010

False Christ Watch

This short clip discusses the recent announcement by Share International's Benjamin Creme that Maitreya the world teacher has recently been interviewed on a major US Television show, thus starting his open mission on earth.

This video links author and activist Raj Patel to being a possible candidate for the role of Maitreya the world teacher.


One of the few photographs shot of Maitreya was when he appeared in Nairobi, Kenya, in 1988. Do you see any resemblance?


By the way, the Share International website claims that the spiral light over Norway is one display of the 'star' that herald's Maitreya's emergence. There has been more than one.

New pictures of Norwegian spiral light added on 
22 December 2009 & 1 January 2010
Photo by Dagfinn Rapp
Photo by Elisabeth Anne Roberts Bjørndalen
The 'star' in the distance.

Photo by Hege Bergfald Jacobsen
Steinar Karlstrøm

Share International