Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ecumenism, WCC, and the Urbana Conference

The World Council of Churches is fully committed to the creation of a new society based on the globalist objectives, and they deceptively call the combined group "The Kingdom of God." WCC states:
"The participation of the Church in the creation of a new society is not a secondary or derivative dimension of its existence. It begins at the very center in the celebration of the sacraments as an anticipation of what the world is to become ...."  Dr. Philip Potter, WCC General Secretary, quoted from a 1969
 WCC Central Committee directive says:
"We call upon the churches to move beyond charity, grants and traditional programming to relevant and sacrificial action leading to new relationships of dignity and justice among all men and to become the agents for the radical reconstruction of society." 
The WCC substitutes the mission of the Church from witnessing to dialogue. WCC has no desire to preach the Gospel of salvation through Jesus Christ, rather they desire to build of a radical new society. Since this is all being headed up by the pagan Pope, what sort of radical society do you think he wants?

Within the past month, Urbana Missions Conference brought together missions-minded young people to seek God's direction for the lives. What is emerging from these conferences is the globalist agenda to refocus these missionary candidates from spreading the gospel to placing concern in social justice issues.

(CBN video)

The Point
The move toward unity and one church is a biblical concept, but believers are spiritually one, not physically one. It is the goal of the New Age (occult) movement to create one religion, and good meaning Christians are falling for the world's agenda. The missions of the future, as shown in this video, are focused on the objectives of the U.N. Millennial Development Goals. Isn't the Church and State supposed to be separate? If well meaning Christians are furthering these goals, couldn't they be furthering the globalist goals toward a one world government that will eventually worship Satan? Think it through. Check it out!