Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Tribute to Oral Roberts

You may think I'm taking this a little too far, but I think Oral Roberts may have been a Freemason. While watching a media tribute to him this morning, I spotted a triangle being used on OR University campus. I've not been able to locate it on the internet, but I did find the symbolism used on the campus, along with their explanation. I believe they are using a double-meaning for several of these symbols. Remember, Freemasonry is all about hidden meaning.

Cutting Edge Ministries said:
"A picture of Graham at O.R.U. is included in this book [P. 150] and ORU's logo of a circle and triangle can be seen on it. ORU's logo "carries with it significant, esoteric messages of a New Age, Masonic nature.

Texe Marrs stated: "I have visited the campus of Oral Roberts University (ORU) and was surprised to see that the tower and other architectural buildings are designed in the form of New Age and Masonic symbols."

Another person visited the ORU campus and gave this report: "I was absolutely shocked when we passed the campus of Oral Roberts University. There was a big, lighted sign advising all Tulsans to come and hear a speech by Mikhail Gorbachev; that international Communist leader, Gorbachev, was to speak within the next 48 hours at Oral Roberts University.

"Now I realize that Oral Roberts himself does not hide his convictions as a liberal Democrat. He has let all his fellow Tulsa visitors know his political convictions that he supports the liberal elements of the Democratic party. But I could not believe that he or his son--who is now president of the University--would welcome the former Soviet Communist dictator to the Oral Roberts University campus.""
Then, from another location:
Proof that Oral Roberts is a 33rd degree Mason is available from the June 23, 2001, Power of Prophecy Radio Program; Oral Roberts Embraces Wealth, Mikhail Gorbachev, and the Democratic Party, Flashpoint (May 1996, Vol. 96-5), p3.
The same can be said about Billy Graham. I read this a while ago, and found it hard to believe. About a month ago, I was doing research and found Billy Graham denying the Gospel on YouTube in an interview with Robert Schuller. To make this short, Billy said that there is more than one way to heaven. Schuller said, "I'm so glad to hear you say this!" What!?

Do you ever feel we live in a world of lies? This world is the enemies domain, so perhaps we shouldn't be surprised. I guess we just expect more from them.