Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Mysteries of the Temple - Texe Marrs

In my conclusion for the pre-tribulation rapture research, I mentioned that although the construction of the Third Temple is Biblical, but it may not be God's perfect will that it be completed.

In Texe Marrs newsletter, he mentions something along the same lines. This is an excerpt from that article:
"In their ignorance, these Judaizer pastors and congregations are fulfilling prophecy, for the Bible tells us that in the last days, just prior to the coming of Christ, there will be a Temple once again in the earthly city of Jerusalem. There, in that unholy place, the Jews and many other apostates, in defiance of God Almighty, will cheerfully and reverently welcome the "son of perdition," the "man of sin"—i.e. the antichrist, the beast with the number 666. It is inside this rebuilt Temple, the Scriptures reveal, that the antichrist shall declare that he is "God" and "above all Gods."
Imagine also the abominable practices which will take place inside this rebuilt Temple, ranging from sexual perversion to astrological ritual (see Ezekiel 8) and blood sacrifices. Just think, dear friends: the evangelical churches of America are building a spiritual house for Satan’s antichrist, a sanctuary which he will enter and, therein, boldly and blasphemously announce that he and only he is the one true God. Incredibly, these spiritually deficient, monstrously deceived "Christians" are emptying their wallets and purses on behalf of the Devil, to further the Devil’s foul agenda here on earth. Jaded and blinded to truth, they are oblivious to the fact that they are thereby acting as planetary agents for Satan himself. Does it—could it—get any uglier, strange, and horrendously evil than this? Tragically, these muddled and confused Zionist stooges actually think they do God, the real God, service! (Reference)
Now do you see where I'm coming from?