Friday, November 6, 2009

Words of Wisdom from George Soros

 Soros is a supporter of the Neoconservative think tank NAF.

China’s economy will be the first to emerge from the financial crisis, and its model will soon take the leading position among the world’s economies, leaving behind the current leader the United States. This forecast was announced on Monday by leading financier George Soros.
“World markets need global governance. Their regulation, which is currently too bogged down, has it’s roots in national sovereignty. We should be adopting a new system of control, which would simultaneously satisfy the interests of all countries. The system can then decide which of the financial organizations become too large and require a division, there must also be new rules to control the movement of capital ."
In addition, he said, the new system should be part of the UN, and especially the Security Council, so that you can also control processes such as global warming and the global nuclear threat.
“The creation of this system must be initiated by the United States, but other major countries should enter into it on an equal footing,” – Soros concluded. (Source, their source)
Can you say, "Illuminati?"