Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Next Industrial Revolution

I found the website "Project Syndicate," which publishes articles for several of the globalist big thinkers. This is an excerpt from one article which describes why the issue of global warming is so important. It will not only generate more money for the world economy, but (in my opinion) will create the funding for the world government. We already know global warming is a fraud, so the real reason is money, not the environment.
"The low-carbon revolution is next. New businesses are already emerging all over the world, focused on low-carbon solutions to energy generation and use, from light bulbs to transport, but they are still at the pioneering stage.

To create some certainty and achieve the scale of investment necessary to make a major change in our economic direction, it must be clear to business that political leaders, from developed and developing countries alike, are committed to this course. Inaction or delay would be disastrous for the climate, but it would also be disastrous economically.

With a clear commitment to the low-carbon industrial revolution, businesses around the world, large or small, can compete with confidence, invest with certainty, and drive the scale and innovation necessary to make the changes we need to make. The result will be job creation, investment opportunities and a new direction for industry.
Specifically, a global agreement at Copenhagen can deliver three things for business:
1. A clear commitment to emission reduction targets in the developed and developing world to drive technology investment and energy efficiency measures.
2. A clear commitment to the global pricing of carbon that allows businesses to invest with confidence and at the scale required.
3. A deal that supports, through a mixture of both public and private financing, the infrastructure required to shift to a low-carbon economy.
With these three straightforward principles at its core, a global deal signed in Copenhagen can fire the starting pistol for the new industrial revolution, the low-carbon revolution, creating significant growth, job creation and economic development throughout the world." (Source)