Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Council for a Parliament of World Religions

The Parliament of the World's Religions will be held in Melbourne, Australia, December 3-9, 2009. It is a time of sharing of different faiths regarding interfaith and interreligious dialogue. The purpose of the parliament meetings is to bring about world peace and globalization. Many Christians believe this is the think tank for the one world religion. The outcome of interfaith work cannot be delivered without major theological rethinking in all religions. Scriptures are challenged and blurred to accommodate the agenda of the parliament.

The following YouTube is an invitation to the conference:

Taken from a website that promotes cooperation between faiths, he believes that Global Spirituality implies a new understanding of religion. There are five ways in which this can be viewed:

1. The emphasis on spiritual experience, rather than religion. (Who cares about Truth!)
2. Inter-faith and multi-cultural (One-world thinking.)
3. Our oneness with Nature (Sounds a little new-agey to me.)
4. Recognition of the feminine (Marxist-thought here.)
5. Compassion and active commitment to social change (Change - where have I heard that before?)