Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Star of Sirius - Part 1

What follows sounds like science fiction. It was taken from a Modern Knight Templar teaching site, and shows the interconnectedness of the Knights Templar and the Freemasons. It also illustrates the importance they place on astrology.

Sirius is one of the most important stars involved in the evolution of humanity and the development of a one-world civilization. According to the Dogon Tribe of Mali which has records of their visitations, missionaries from the star have been coming to Earth for thousands of years in order to directly teach and guide humanity on its evolutionary quest to gnosis. Alice Bailey of Theosophical fame was told by Djwahl Kuhl and the Ascended Masters that the star is The Great White Lodge in the heavens and the driving force behind Freemasonry. This accords with the ancient Egyptian identification of the star as Sah Ptah, who is the Master Builder of our universe and the alchemical force behind spiritual transformation. Sah Ptah was the acknowledged patron of the masonic craft and its lodges in Egypt.
The Egyptian wisdom of Sirius and the Master Builder became part of modern European Freemasonry during the time of Dhul-Nun al Misri, an Egyptian Sufi who founded the Sufi Freemasons, the Al Banna, after decoding the alchemical and masonic hieroglyphs in many of the Egyptian temples. The Al Banna taught their masonic wisdom to the Knights Templars, who in turn took it into Europe and amalgamated it to developing Freemasonry. It is believed by many that the first three Blue Degrees became part of European Freemasonry at this time and that they were ascribed the color "blue" because that was the color of the Egyptian Master Builder Ptah and his star Sirius. (Read more).
 I know this is a little hard to read, but it reminds me of the space story the Mormons have. The main point I want to make is how demonic this is. Next week, I'm going to try and draw-out some of the information he is saying in this article. This is the aspect of the Knights Templar and Freemasonry that has been hidden over the years. I think the closer we get to the one-world government, the more information will be begin to trickle out.

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