Saturday, October 10, 2009

Maitreya Logo - Part 1

The Maitreya is the New Age christ. He is said to be related to King David and Mohammad. Many await for when he will come onto the world stage.

There are symbols that are connected with this movement, such as this interfaith symbol. Notice the hexagram at the top of the logo, and the ying/yang symbol is also incorporated into it. The pinwheels are from the United Religions Initiative, which is one of the official website for the one world religion.

Do you recall the cross I mentioned yesterday as being the cross of the New Age movement? I found one of these crosses from research I had done a few months ago.

Maitreya is said to be a man of miracles. He has been able to create crosses of light as part of his miracle making. Taken from the Share International website, Maitreya's public relations department provides these miracles:

The Pasadena Star News wrote on 27 May in 1988, "residents reported seeing a cross shining through a bathroom window of an apartment in ElMonte." Twelve crosses similar to the one seen by Mona LaVine were later seen around the Los Angeles area. This makes a total of 13 stars seen in that area. What was not stated was the occult significance of the number 13. It represents rebellion, death, but it also represents renewal.

Another occasion when the New Age cross appeared was at the home of the Alphonso family in Violet, Louisiana. A radiant panorama of crosses appeared, which were a foot-tall and they appeared off in the distance.

There have been other occasions when these crosses of light have appeared, but perhaps you'd be interested in seeing who else has used this particular cross.

Knights Templar

Christopher Columbus' Flagship

Pope Benedict's Medal

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