Thursday, October 15, 2009

Christian Harvest Parties

Most of the Christians I associate already have an understanding of why it is inappropriate to participate in Halloween. Since my family stopped participating in Halloween over 25 years ago, the costumes have been getting more gruesome and glorify the demonic gods it was intended to worship.

Each year, Christians are faced with the social pressure of this event. Churches and believers attempt to “compete” with it by having special “harvest festivals” (or similar such events) at the church facilities so that families can have an alternative for their children. Christian Harvest parties tends to assume that our children need something to take the place of Halloween, since they won't be participating in the secular and pagan celebrations. It suggests our children are missing out on something.

The problem is that Pagans and Satanists mark Halloween as one of their highest “holy days.” This spiritual holiday is still being celebrated today by modern occultists. On Halloween, there are sacrifices taking place within these satanic cults that are unspeakably vicious and brutal. On this day, the power of the underworld is unleashed, and spirits are supposedly freed to roam about the earth; it is considered the best time to contact spirits. 

If we are going to teach our children that a Christian is not part of the world, but then we participate in a blatantly pagan celebration, we're straddling the fence. If a person thinks by placing a biblical costume on little Johnny, that they are not partaking in the holiday, they are in denial. By being involved in any Halloween/Harvest party activity, it only shows the power Paganism has over them. Do you want to be at a church or party that endorses these activities? Isn't it as though you're holding up a spiritual banner in approval of such a day?

Did you know that "hallow" means holy; “e’en” means evening? Hallow E’en: Holy Evening. But Christians, like everyone else, can’t always see the reality of it all. Satan must be thrilled when Christian fill their churches for his special holiday. What a strategy!

When children are aware that the fight of this world is against "principalities, against powers, against the rulers or darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places" then they will come to understand the foolishness of having a Christian associate themselves with this pagan holiday. Having a harvest party on another day would be a totally appropriate way to celebrate the fall harvest, but not on Halloween.