Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apparitions of Mary

 Our Lady's Shrine in Knock

An unholy row has broken out between a Catholic archbishop and a group of pilgrims over claims of "supernatural events" at Our Lady's Shrine in Knock.

Dozens argue they witnessed the sun dancing in the sky after they flocked to see an apparition of the Virgin Mary. They insist they saw the sun shimmer on October 11 outside the old parish church -- the scene of the reported 1879 apparition.

But yesterday the Archbishop of Tuam discredited this notion, arguing the event could risk "misleading God's people and undermining faith".

Joe Coleman, a psychic who had predicted the event, argued that what happened was similar to the 'Miracle of the Sun' at the Portuguese shrine of Fatima.

Dr Neary made the rebuke yesterday evening and said such events were "to be regretted rather than encouraged".

But Mr Coleman insisted that thousands had witnessed the event. "I am not surprised at Dr Neary's statement. I am deeply disappointed," he said. Dr Neary could not be contacted for further comment last night. (Source)

The Real Mary, written by Kathy Niehaus, is an article from my website explaining the apparitions of Mary. Kathy explains:
"For a merge to happen between Islam and Catholicism, there has to be a spiritual center in which they can meet. Islam now has Mecca, and the Catholic Church has Rome; and in the future it could be Jerusalem. For this to happen, something supernatural has to happen. Mother Mary could bring Islam and Catholicism together like no one else can. Both faiths have a "Fatima." Both faiths have "Fatima" secrets. Both faiths honor Mary. Both faiths have and use prayer beads."
Then in the conclusion of the article, she says:
"The Mary that we see in the apparitions is nothing like the Mary of the Bible. The Mary in the apparitions draws attention to herself more so than to the One Who she claims to be her Son. She commands believers to dedicate their nations to HER, and to pray the rosary to HER. The Mary of the Bible would never say that she was "another way" to reach God/Jesus. She knew that there was only ONE Redeemer and that was Jesus."
There continues to be a series of appearances of the apparition of Mary, which is obviously demonic. It continues to captivate Roman Catholics and hold them captive to the mystery.