Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Freemasonry and Their Involvement in Israel

The Supreme Court building was paid for by Rothschild money. Their money will likely rebuild Solomon's Temple.

Freemasonry has long been associated with the political elite and revolutionary thinking. It is believed that Freemasonry has a link to the occult and the future world government. Assuming this is true, let's take a look at the Freemasons who have held office as Prime Minister in Israel.

Of these 13 people, documentation and/or references found thus far indicate at least eight (8) of these people are (were) Masons:

David Ben-Gurion - Freemason
Moshe Sharett
Levi Eshkol
Yigal Allon
Golda Meir - Co-Mason
Yitzhak Rabin - Freemason
Shimon Peres* - Freemason and Jesuit (Roman Catholic) trained
Menachem Begin
Yitzhak Shamir
Benjamin Netanyahu - Freemason
Ehud Barak - Freemason
Ariel Sharon - Freemason
Ehud Olmert - Freemason
Benjamin Netanyahu** - Freemason
* Shimon Peres is presently the President of Israel
** Benjamin Netanyahu is presently the Prime Minister of Israel

Symbolism Similarities
Each of the following have used the olive branch in their national symbolism. Could it be that the UN is also run by Freemasons?


Emblem of Israel   

Emblem of UN

Former European Parliament

Great Seal of the US