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Communitarianism: Collectivist Values in Transition - Part 2

Elite collectivist thinkers have a theory that individual rights have broken down the moral fiber of society.[1] Collectivists, through the Communitarian agenda, desire to create a new society within the shell of the old, with the philosophy of the new.

Communitarianism, also known as the Third Way:
  • is described as social cohesion that finds common ground, and is similar to nationalistic communism, or various forms of authoritarianism. 
  • Communitarian Elites believe that the rights of the individual must be balanced against the interests of society as a whole, which is detrimental to individual liberty. 
  • Communitarianism embodies a vision of a social order that encourages communal bonds. 
  • Both Democrats and Republicans push Communitarian policies, [2][3]

American sociologist and educator Amitai Etzioni was one of the prominent founders of this newly shaped philosophy. He believes that individuals have been given too much freedom and not enough responsibilities. Etzioni and other communitarians are in favor of more obligations and fewer rights.[4]They desire the community to live up to the basic principle of the good society. But as you will learn, it will only be good for those in charge.

 President Obama is a communitarian and longtime admirer of Dr. Etzioni.
Newt Gingrich is an admirer of Alvin Toppler, the founder of another philosophy similar to Etzioni's called the Third Wave. 

Documented Evidence
In the following videos, you will get a glimpse of this good society. Amitai Etizioni, a globalist, discusses the foundations of communitarianism. He explains his ideas of finding a balance between individual rights and the responsibilities to community. He desires a Democracy (not a Republic), a new Bill of Rights, and a sense of mutual tolerance. Etzioni says that if the government gives, then something must be given in return.

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These ideas may be sound to some, but let's see where the rubber meets the road - individual rights. Amitai Etzioni debates the rights of terrorists with an expert on the U.S. Constitution. You should know that the type of personal rights Etzioni favors isn't any different than a socialist/communist country. I can still recall some of the socialist countries I traveled through during my time in the military. We were warned about countries whose governments could arrest you, throw you in jail, and then throw away the key with no hearing or trial. Etzioni is advocating the same throwing away the key.

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These are his views on censorship of hate speech. He believes that planning a crime is same as committing it.

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Lastly - his views of the National ID. Etzioni says we already have it - through our driver's license. The ACLU rep. says there will be a form of internally used passport system. Etzioni views it as being necessary for security.

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Roots of Communitarianism
Few realize that communitarianism can be traced back to early Roman Catholic monasticism, and more recently to the Catholic Worker movement (for social justice issues and it has Jesuit connections).[5] Based on research recorded on Oxford University Press site:
"In visionary and perfectionist Christian social thought the monastery, conceived of as orderly, simple and harmonious, has often stood as an institutional ideal. In high Anglican and Catholic Christian socialist tradition there is an emphasis on the special role and contribution to the wider world of individuals living in sacramental communities - a sacramental point can also be the base for effective social action. Communion, realized in community, gives individuals in turn a generalizable ideal for social relations - which ideal according to Christian socialists like F.D. Maurice and Thomas Mirfield, could be realized through Socialism. This ideal of community goes hand-in-hand with 'kingdom theology' - the project of realizing the kingdom on God on earth."
All of this fits in with Rick Warren's P.E.A.C.E. Plan and the U.N. Millennial Development goals, where Christians will give their service to world mission projects. It uses the framework once used by the Roman Catholic church, who is actually shaping this. This global mission project is one being put together by the World Council of Churches, who is a participant observer in the civic and religious progress of globalization. This shift has been influencing the thinking of churches and theologians from within its ranks of a global society."[6]

 Rick Warren's plan

A Spiritual Perspective
This system of service and volunteering is a concept similar to the fellowship of Christian believers in Acts 2. We read about the saints selling their possessions and giving the proceeds to those believers in need. They shared meals with one another, their lives were interconnected, and they were single at heart. They drew on the strength Christ gave them.

With this socialism/communitarianism plan, the group works together within a community in a similar manner - but the government takes the place of God. The members of the group are not accountable to their maker, rather the state/federal government. It follows then that if you want to be a member of the group, you must give up your individual rights to gain protection from the group/government.

It is actually an antichrist system, since this group concept is a counterfeit to the real deal. Communitarians borrow ideas not only from Christianity, but also from ancient religions, Plato, Marx, Jefferson, Buber, and Madame Blavatsky.

But it doesn't end there. Amitai Etzioni  wants to use the goals of Christian Reconstructionism and Dominionism to replace the modern criminal code of the United States with Mosaic Law. [6] In turn, the Seven Laws of Noah, a set of moral imperatives that, according to the Talmud, were given by God as a binding set of laws for the "children of Noah" – will be set in place. This will be the final system of law, when it is all said and done. (See this post for more)

The Year 2020
By the year 2020, we will be well on our way to living in a new global community. Nikki Raapana wrote about this in her book "2020: Our Common Destiny". This is what she had to say about communitarianism.

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Does this coincide with what others in think tanks are saying? Yes, Jeremy Rifkin [7]explains that we are in the middle of a perfect storm. There are three sets of crisis our world is facing, and it is imperative that we get a plan for the future.

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There are facilitators working in our local communities preparing for the transition into the new world. It isn't only happening in the U.S., but other key countries around the world, as well. The plan is called Vision 2020, it works hand-in-hand with the governments emissions target, and every city is being asked to provide their goals for sustainability. Here is one example of a Vision 2020 plan from Cheshire county, New Hampshire.

 (Click on image to read.)

You will learn that it is all being done under the guise of a sustainable community. As you will see in this site in the UK - it all being done for our well-being. They are pouring money into rebuilding the infrastructure of our cities.  These projects include transportation systems (roads, bridges, highways, public transportation, etc.), sewage system, utility systems (gas, electricity, water treatment and delivery), and its buildings (schools, court houses, sports facilities, and its public and private housing developments). Environmental risks are repaired, energy efficiency and plans for future community agriculture are addressed. Only one community discussed what was going to be required of each citizen, but that will be addressed later - for obvious reasons.

As we draw closer to that time, the Great Transition will take place. Not only will they transition communities, but they will transition every citizen from thinking of as an individual, to having him think about the collective.

In Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Lee Brain addressed a transition session. He also recruited members from the meeting to form the initiating [New Age word] transition team.

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We can look forward to reform of all types. More food will be grown locally to support local communities, we will largely become vegetarian, and walking and bicycles will become the way to travel. The Elites say it will be for the betterment of humans and the earth, but it is all based upon a lie. This new type of global society will be provided a daily dose of propaganda, and they will be manipulated and controlled. The citizens of this global community will have no voice - the true peace the global government was looking for. The boogeyman of global warming and the need for a sustainable planet lurks behind every change being made. We will be told that our contribution to the group-cause claims will enable us to continue to live on this planet. Just as the Jamestown experiment went bad, so will this one.

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