Saturday, August 20, 2011

Perry Stone: Is he a sheep or a wolf?

Mystery Babylon, Mother of Harlots

"That we henceforth be no more children, tossed to and fro, and carried about with every wind of doctrine, by the sleight of men, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive." Eph. 4:14

Perry Stone has an internationally known ministry, overflowing crowds, his teaching breaks through denominational barriers, and he has seen possibly thousands of decisions for Christ - but do his followers really know what he's teaching? Fast talking as a salesman, he is a fourth generation preacher with a compelling message; but is it all true? 

In 2002, Perry wrote a book titled, The Meal that Heals. In it he explains the Jewish Passover and how Christ transformed this ancient ritual with his death on the cross. He claims that you can experience healing in your heart and body by remembering the Lord and His sacrifice daily. But much of what he is teaching parallels with that of the Roman Catholic church. In the book he distinguishes the difference between the Catholic Mass and Protestant Communion, but there is more going on here than he reveals.

One of the unscriptural dogmas in the Catholic church is Transubstantiation, which was first decreed by Pope Innocent III in the year 1215. By this doctrine, the priest pretends to change a communion wafer and wine into the body and blood of Christ. While partaking in the Holy Mass, they are taught that the Catholic gains remission for sins - both the original sin and personal sin. The Protestant church denied any truth in this teaching - which helped to lead to the Reformation. Protestants believe that the Lord's Supper only holds symbolic significance, and it is to be treated as simply a memorial for Christ's sacrifice.

What does this have to do with Perry Stone? In the light of the Eucharistic Christ post, it means a lot. According to Perry Stone, you can be healed physically and have your sins removed by taking part in a daily communion meal. In an unique approach to the Lord's Supper, Perry says:
"Through receiving daily communion, it is possible for a person to receive the three-fold atoning work Jesus did on the cross. It includes, the physical healing for the body; the healing of the human spirit, removing of sin and the iniquity that's in a person's life; but also the healing of the emotions, and the soul, and the mind. So the atoning work of Jesus had to do with the body, soul, and spirit."
Scripture does not claim to do any of these things, but he's made a killing on his books and communion kits. As you listen to his opening remarks for this in-depth teaching, look at the cups in the background.

(YouTube link)

Do you see any similarity with the cups being carried by Mystery Babylon, the Mother of Harlots (also known as the Catholic church) and the Eucharistic chalices in Perry's background? Perhaps there is a connection we should be drawing between the two.

Is Dr. John Miller a Jesuit priest? This individual feels that he has proof that he is. Could it be that the Lord's Supper is being used as an early bridge into the Catholic faith?

I may be mistaken about the next video, but are they viewing the elements as the literal body and blood of Christ? When Dr. John took the bread, he in fact said that it was the body of Christ. In the second step, he did say it was a representation of the blood, but did not carry it through as such.

In later videos, Perry takes communion with his father and does say that it is a representation of the body and blood, but Dr. John did not make it as clear. It definitely makes you wonder who this guy is.

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A Wake-up Call
Before the Lord opened my eyes to the false teaching of the Charismatic church, I used to follow Perry Stone's ministry very closely. I helped financially support his ministry, and I went to see him speak in Chesterfield, VA. I was sold-out for Perry and his Hebraic connection to the scriptures, with his pre-tribulation rapture, pro-Israel stance, and his revelation teachings.

When the Lord fully opened my eyes, I knew that even though Perry affirmed the essential doctrines, such as the inspiration of the Bible, the Trinity, and salvation through Christ; I knew his ministry was controversial, and at points heretical. When I reflected on some of the things he would teach, I was still curious about his teaching on "prophetic cycles." He taught that there would be a peak in a prophetic cycle by the year 2012, even before anyone was talking about 2012. Essentially, he seemed to know where our country was headed, and when it would happen. He may have told the audience how he got this information, but I never heard it - and I owned the tape. Is this because he's fully in the know about the changes in the Church that are ahead, and he's a player in the deception?

List of Problems
It is important to note that Perry is an ordained Bishop in the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee), which is a charismatic Pentecostal denomination. The Church of God is a member of the National Association of Evangelicals. The NAE is thoroughly ecumenical and is dedicated to racial reconciliation, societal morality, social concerns, and gender sensitivity at the expense of entangling alliances and blurring the true Gospel. If Perry is still holding this position within the Church of God hierarchy, he would have to be in agreement with this stand.

Perry, just as Joel Richardson, provides interesting evidence that the Mahdi is the Antichrist. It is against what has been traditionally taught in the Church, and doesn't hold water when you look at the big picture. Although it has some interesting nuances, it goes along with the same Masonic hype that makes the Muslim people appear to be the enemy of the world. 

Within his Voice of Evangelism website, there are a few things that are significant.

  • The ministry logo reflects the Hebraic with Christian influence, but the star of David represents the State of Israel and not the biblical Israel. Notice how the fish is pointing downward? Just as the Christian dove pointing downward is not Christian, I'd say the fish pointing downward has the same connotations, plus it has a pagan origin. The eight-pointed star and the seven-point menorah both have their problems. Even if the symbolism selected without giving it any thought, the Hebraic backdrop adds to romanticizing the Rothschild's State of Israel.
  • Perry is promoting an event that ecumenical secret society Mormon Glenn Beck will be speaking at.
  • Omega Ranch Project - The site states: "The Holy Spirit spoke and asked Perry, “Do you want to go where I am going?” Of course the answer was “Yes!” The Lord responded, “Then prepare to minister to the children and the youth, as I am going to pour out my Spirit on the sons and daughters of this generation.” (Joel 2:28-29) Now this statement may simply mean exactly what it says, or they could be aligned with Joel's Army Dominion Theology. 
  • Elijah's Mantle - The site states: "We are told that Elijah the prophet will appear in the future to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children (Malachi 4:5). Yet, just as John the Baptist carried a special anointing upon his life, we believe God will raise up a team of men who carry the boldness and vision for ministry that both Elijah and John carried in their generation! In anticipation of fulfilling God’s destiny in our lives, we are pleased to announce this special men’s ministry called Elijah’s Mantle. The mission of Elijah’s Mantle is to link men together to:
    • Establish "Kingdom Connections" to assist men in creating their own businesses, expanding their careers and pooling their resources for the advancement of the Gospel. (Seven Mountains - Dominion Theology)
    • Walk in a fresh anointing and a new boldness to witness and act out the will of God for their lives.
       We live in a generation that is easily swayed, and have been lulled to sleep. A wolf that comes in sheep's clothing, will bah like the sheep - not like a wolf. Christians should be more aware of who they are allowing into their livingroom, because the wolf is ready to devour the unsuspecting. Perry doesn't seem like the real deal and not one of a wolf, but his theology carries a different message.