Monday, July 4, 2011

Satanic Symbolism in the GOP’s Logo

Did you know that the Republican Party has changed the three stars in their official elephant logo? The GOP logo stars weren't always upside down, similar to that of a satanic star.  As the story goes, around the year 2000, the same year in which Skull and Bones George Bush was elected President, the star began pointing downward. Although I could not find any evidence in photographs of the change until the 2004 election, the fact still remains. The traditional logo had stars with the point upright, following the design of the American flag.

Pre-Bush Republican Party logo

The results of the United States presidential election of 2004, President George W. Bush defeated Democratic Party candidate John Kerry. 

Official Bush campaign pin

The change in the GOP logo didn't seem to bother anyone, so it is the same one used today by the Republican National Committee.

As we near the 2012 election, let's see who decides to keep the downward pointing stars, or if some of the candidates will insist on the traditional pre-Bush logo.